Loans without payroll: 3 tricks to get them

Is it possible to obtain a personal loan without a pay slip, without guarantees or income?

Is it possible to obtain a personal loan without a pay slip, without guarantees or income?

For the unemployed, students or self-employed the way to get a loan is difficult. Not all banks and financial institutions offer specific products for those without payroll.

Having clarified this, it is usually necessary to provide adequate guarantees to obtain a loan without a pay slip. Therefore also in requesting only a small loan most of the time is required:

  • a guarantor
  • other demonstrable revenue (perhaps highlighted for example by current account movements).

With regard to the first point, the loan guarantor usually does not have to have loans in excess of 40/50% of his income and must not be a bad payer;

With regard to the second point, in general the financial companies also positively evaluate the receipts that cannot be demonstrated by pay slips (land, leased buildings, unfinished works, etc.)

Clearly the maximum sum payable may be limited without the presentation of a pay slip. A typical example is that of small loans, disbursed in the form of revolving credit cards, addressed to young people who use the signature of guarantor parents.

This does not mean that there are small tricks that allow you to overcome existing obstacles and still be able to get the sum you need. Let’s see them below.

1 – Take advantage of loans guaranteed by institutions

1 - Take advantage of loans guaranteed by institutions

With the recognition, by the European community, of the fundamental role covered by microcredit (with a strong impulse starting from 2015), and consequent allocation of funds to the various Regions. Today it is possible to request this form of loan with sums that, depending on the case, reach a maximum of 35 thousand euros where the fund set aside by the region to which it belongs to act as “guarantor”.

So without payroll or any demonstrable income (both for a young person, woman or unemployed person who wants to start a business, and for an ex-prisoner, etc.), but simply having the minimum requirements, you can get interesting sums.

Information on how to access, affiliated banks and minimum requirements must be requested from the competent office in the Region.

2 -Honor credit for students

2 -Honor credit for students

Studying must be a right and not a luxury, even though this is the aspect that unfortunately most often sets the standard (see also Loan for students). The big banks, even with a view to having a valid and well-formed contact person in the not too distant future to expand their workforce, have extended the offer of loan forms with the formula of the loan of honor.

It works in a similar way to microcredit, being in this case the partner university, or another fund allocated as a guarantee, thus leaving the deserving student, free to concentrate on his studies, and postpone the repayment phase to their end, when, hopefully the work activity will get underway.

3- Loans between private individuals and the Loan on pledge

3- Loans between private individuals and the Loan on pledge

Here the possibilities, always legal, multiply, because we go from crowdfunding to social lending, up to the stipulation of a loan contract, with or without interest, between private individuals. For the first two it is sufficient to present oneself with a good project, which is considered valid from a social, productive, innovative point of view, etc., and to act as a driver is the web. For the second, if there is no guarantee at all, very often, unless it is between “family members”, one goes through the use of bills of exchange.

In reality, however, the loan can also be obtained from a bank or a financial institution, which provides for the release, with the stipulation of an ad hoc contract, the release of as many bills as the installments to be repaid, and the removal of each of them for every reimbursement. The first step to be taken is to ask your bank if it is foreseen to be used. Or, alternatively, there are the loans on pawn, which unlike a few decades ago saw as protagonists almost exclusively pawnshops or pity mountains, which today instead see major banks as the main actors. The advantage is that all you need is a valuable item to be offered as a guarantee to the bank, so that it is evaluated by experts and a sum equal to the percentage indicated in the stipulated contract is paid.

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